Latinos Multi Service

Welcome to Latinos Multi-Services!

No importa el tipo de problema de impuestos, nosotros le podemos ayudar. En realidad rendimos multi servicios. Desde inmigracion a traducciones, deje que Latinos Multi-Services le asista con sus problemas. Contactese con nosotros al 972-242-4999 o simplemente llene la pagina de informacion del cliente para darle contestacion a las preguntas que pueda tener.  Impuestos, servicios de Notary Public, etc.

No matter what the tax problem is, we can help! We truly are “multi” service.  From Immigration services to translations, let Latinos Multi-Services help you with your issues. You can call us at 972-242-4999 or fill out the contact form to see how we can help you and answer any questions you may have.  Taxes, notary services etc..

  • Income Tax
    From Business Income Taxes to Individual 1040s, we can help you with all your tax needs and issues.
  • Notary Public
    Get notarized today! Official certified notary public is on staff, ready to help you.
  • Immigration Services
    Whether you're looking for Citizenship, Resident Cards or Petitiions, we can help you with filling out your applications.
  • Translations
    Engligh-Spanish translations are available for your documents!